The Mirror of The Sea
Al-meriya (or "Mirror of the Sea") as first named in Arabic, is soaked in the legacy of many civilisations including Phoenicians, Iberian, Greek, Roman and Arabic. Much evidence of Arabic and Moorish architecture still exists today; and local people thrive on a simple and modest way of life; each town has a unique character with its own Fiestas and markets to offer culture, cuisine and art and craft.

In Spain's South East, this area is well connected - 3 nearby airports give daily UK and European flights, and motorways join to the Spanish cities. With Sierra Nevada Mountains on one side, and Mediterranean Sea the other, there is stunning landscape and rich ecology in marine and wild life. Once a military, and later a fishing port, Almería's protected terrain, has salt flats, sand dunes and natural desert, and its context and scenery bring it charm and tranquillity which exudes respect for all cultures and love for life which captivates young and old alike. The Sun shines all year round and the hottest temperatures in Europe simply make this beautiful and unspoilt area of Spain the perfect place to relax!

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